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Texans are

fighting back against unjust abortion laws

The Supreme Court has continuously affirmed for over 45 years that the Constitution protects the right to end a pregnancy as a fundamental component of liberty that is critical to the enjoyment of dignity, equality, and bodily integrity. Over this time, Texas has trampled on this liberty by enacting and enforcing laws that work together to curtail meaningful access to abortion care, particularly for people struggling financially, Black/Indigenous/People of Color (BIPOC), LGBTQ people, people who are undocumented, and young people who are hit hardest by these devastating laws.

On June 14, 2018, abortion providers and funds united in the People’s Lawsuit to challenge the web of unconstitutional abortion restrictions that have multiplied in Texas for over 45 years on behalf of themselves, their patients, and their clients. The restrictions being challenged include:

  • Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers (‘TRAP”) Laws

  • Laws that Deny Abortion Patients the Benefits of Scientific Progress

  • Mandatory Disclosure and Waiting-Period Laws

  • Parental Involvement Laws

  • The University of Texas’s withholding of credit from students who complete a field placement with organizations that facilitate abortion access

We envision living in a state where everyone is able to receive the abortion care they need and create their families without barriers, fear, or interference from others. In bringing forth this vision, we are working to inform Texans of these laws which have a cumulative effect of making abortion care virtually inaccessible to people in our state.


This fight is about our dignity and our humanity, not only legality. We are fighting for our communities, our families, and our futures.

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