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The lawsuit challenges abortion restrictions that fall within five categories of unconstitutional laws currently in force in Texas.The lawsuit also challenges the University of Texas System’s refusal to grant students credit for completing field placements or internships with organizations that facilitate abortion access. Taken together, the challenged laws force everyone seeking abortion care in Texas to navigate unnecessary obstacles, but poor people, people of color, immigrants, and others who are marginalized face the harshest impacts.  These unjust laws therefore deepen societal inequalities, contributing to a system in which people with wealth and privilege can exercise basic rights but others cannot.

Slowly and deliberately, Texas has made the laws more burdensome over time, pushing abortion access further and further out of reach, particularly for communities already facing barriers to health care. Today, we are challenging this long-term strategy to make abortion inaccessible.

all. at. once.


1. Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers.

Targeted regulation of abortion provider (TRAP) laws, which single out abortion providers for regulatory requirements that are different and more burdensome than those governing other healthcare providers

2. Laws that deny scientific progress.

Laws that deny abortion patients the benefits of scientific progress including those that limit advancements in the use of medication abortion and those that prohibit the use of telemedicine in abortion care

3. mandatory disclosure and waiting period laws

Restrictions that shame and punish those seeking abortion, forcing patients to delay care and forcing doctors to lie to patients and to provide state-mandated information about abortion that is biased, misleading, or medically inaccurate

4. forced parental involvement laws.

Forced parental involvement laws that require minors to obtain approval from a parent or judge and navigate a labyrinth of procedural requirements before having an abortion, including in cases where the minor’s parents are estranged, deceased, negligent, or abusive 

5. laws that criminalize abortion providers.

Laws that threaten abortion providers with arrest or jail for providing care subject abortion providers to special criminal liability.