The People's Lawsuit Campaign Press Release

February 4, 2021

The People's Lawsuit Campaign Press Release

For immediate release

February 4, 2021

Contact:  Malkia Hutchinson-Arvizu, The People’s Lawsuit |

Five Local Abortion Funds and Two Abortion Providers in The People’s Lawsuit Launch Wide-Reaching Bilingual Campaign to Call Attention to Burdensome Abortion Restrictions in Texas

Especially After Gov. Abbott’s Harmful Rhetoric on Abortion on Monday, Campaign Calls for Joining the Movement and Fighting Back in 2021

Restrictions Have For Too Long Had An Outsized Impact On Poor People, People of Color, Immigrants, and Other Marginalized Groups

Following Governor Abbott’s harmful rhetoric around limiting abortion access in his State of the State address on Monday, plaintiffs in The People’s Lawsuit are proud to launch their statewide campaign highlighting the layered webs of burdensome abortion restrictions that have multipled in Texas for nearly half a century. It’s time to call attention to the communities these dangerous policies hurt the most, and The People’s Lawsuit is fighting back.

The campaign will feature billboards in cities around the state including El Paso, Buda, Beaumont, and Lubbock. It will also include a designated landing page, Google search ads, digital ads on major newspaper websites, Snapchat ads, and two sponsored ads on The Read podcast. The campaign will focus on the experiences of abortion storytellers, individuals who have obtained abortion care and share their stories with others.

Seven Texas abortion providers and abortion funds united in June 2018 to bring the People’s Lawsuit and challenge the same abortion restrictions on which the campaign is focused. Whole Woman’s Health Alliance v. Paxton was filed in federal court by Whole Woman’s Health Alliance, The Afiya Center, Fund Texas Choice, Lilith Fund, Texas Equal Access Fund, West Fund, and Dr. Bhavik Kumar.

“I had an abortion a few years ago, and due to bans on insurance coverage for abortion in Texas, I relied on Texas Equal Access Fund to help pay for the majority of my care,” said Alyssa, a former client and current board member of Texas Equal Access Fund. “The restrictions passed by Texas politicians made the process of getting my abortion unnecessarily hard. The People’s Lawsuit addresses barriers to abortion access in Texas, where we have some of the strictest abortion laws in the country. Everyone deserves equitable access to the healthcare they want or need, and to be able to make the best decision for themself without legislative overreach.”

"As a physician providing abortion care in Texas, I am so proud and honored to be part of the visibility campaign for the People’s Lawsuit,” said Dr. Bhavik Kumar MD, MPH. “Abortion continues to be safe and legal in our great state but there are far too many unjust laws restricting access, making it extremely complex and sometimes impossible to get the care that my patients need and deserve. I will continue to be hopeful and optimistic for a better future. Abortion is healthcare. Abortion is essential. Abortion is freedom."

The Afiya Center said “Abortions are not abject procedures, and the people receiving them are regular folks who want to decide how their families grow and when, a right that all autonomous beings should have. The Afiya Center is a Black women’s reproductive justice organization, so any efforts to destigmatize abortion for Texans is in line with our overall goal of securing access, rights, and justice for our folks.”

“Texas Equal Access Fund works with people who are directly harmed by the restrictions The People’s Lawsuit aims to overturn. We want Texans to know that abortion is legal, they have a right to access it, and that it is okay to get abortions. We know the struggles that people have to navigate because we are from the same communities that are affected by these unjust regulations,” said Kamyon Conner, Executive Director of Texas Equal Access Fund. “We are a part of this campaign because we are fighting for our callers and ourselves.”

“We want Texans to know that there are groups across the state working together not only to help our communities overcome the logistical barriers to abortion access—but also to tear down the laws that created these barriers in the first place,” said Amanda Beatriz Williams, Executive Director of Lilith Fund.  “We’re here for anyone who needs an abortion in Texas and we’re fighting at every avenue to make sure all of our rights are intact. We hope our communities will join us in this fight!”

“Access to abortion care should be available without delay or political interference. We want Texans to know what lawmakers are doing to restrict them from making decisions about their own bodily autonomy,” said Courtney Chambers, Texas Advocacy Director at Whole Woman’s Health Alliance. “ These restrictive laws have real impacts on real people. These laws must go for our communities to thrive.”

“As a practical support fund, Fund Texas Choice is working to provide all Texans with safe and equitable abortion access. This campaign allows Texans to know they have allies who are fighting for them and makes sure that Texans know they can get the  resources necessary for their journey, whenever they need them.” said Anna Rupani, Co-Executive Director at Fund Texas Choice.

The People’s Lawsuit’s visibility campaign aims to educate and motivate Texans to stay informed about the history of abortion restrictions in the state, the current climate related to abortion access, and learn more about the abortion funds and providers serving as plaintiffs.